For us to understand each other better

In spite of all efforts at maximum comprehension of this document, you have probably found words or terms that you have never encountered before. Or you are not sure that you correctly understand their meaning.

For this reason, based on our experience we provide you with a glossary of terms, which can help us better avoid mutual misunderstanding.

 Glossary of terms


The CEZ Group represents the legal relationship between multiple CEZ Group companies (controlled companies) subject to a unified control by ČEZ, a. s. (controlling company), with which they form the concern on the basis of the unified control. For more detailed information see

Justified interest

The interest of the controller or a third party, for instance, in a situation in which the data subject is the controller’s client.

Personal data

Information about a specific, identifiable person.


The person to whom the personal data are provided.

ČEZ Group

The CEZ Group is a corporation of companies around the parent company ČEZ, a.s., mainly engaged in the energy sector, linked to this parent company, mainly through equity investments. For more detailed information see


Any service, which ourcompany offers to you, including our services offered on-line and their support.


An entity that determines the purpose and resources for processing of personal data; and may also decide on delegation of their processing to another entity in the role of a processor.

Data subject

A live natural person whose personal data are the subject of processing.


The reason for which the controller uses your personal data.


An activity by which the controller or processor performs when handling the personal data.


An entity that processes personal data for the controller.