CCTV systems

Camera records help us to achieve efficient results, comply with legal requirements and achieve the required safety level. The primary purpose of visual records is not to collect information about persons but to document processes and activities that might be a source of illegal or otherwise harmful activity.

CCTV system can be used for instance to monitor non-public areas and premises of the Company against unauthorized access (access to such premises by persons having no electrician qualifications can result in their death), to record working procedures and document safe operation of technologies and equipment. If any data subject is accidentally recorded as part of such activities, such data is neither evaluated nor retained. Camera records and personal data are analyzed and persons are identified only in relation to any investigation of any emergency, safety incident or non-standard or illegal behavior of any person.

To ensure the security of buildings in which we carry out our generating, commercial, and other activities, as well as to ensure the security of provided services, our company has installed and operates CCTV systems with recording capabilities. We advise you of the location of these CCTV systems by means of notices and signs at the entrances to such premises, identifying our company as the controller. We additionally reference our website where more detailed information about the processing of acquired recordings is available. For some buildings, our company is a joint controller of camera recordings together with ČEZ, a. s. You can also find detailed information on its website at  

In case of a security incident, acquired camera recordings are solely made available to either company’s designated staff for the purpose of evaluation. The companies have entered into an Agreement on Joint Controllers’ Mutual Rights and Obligations. Recordings may only be provided to law enforcement authorities or to administrative authorities for offense proceedings upon their written request. The controller may also provide recordings to such bodies at its discretion if it suspects that a crime or offense is captured in the recordings. Acquired recordings are stored in a secured manner for a definite, predetermined period and are deleted after that period unless they have been handed over to authorized public authorities.