ČEZ Distribuce processes personal data primarily for the purposes of compliance with duties stipulated by special legislation. Act No. 458/2000 Coll., on business conditions and public administration in the energy sectors and on amendment to other laws, as amended (the “EA”), also requires that our company, as the electricity distribution system operator is obliged, according to the provisions of Section 25 of the EA, to ensure a reliable operation, maintenance and development of this distribution system and furthermore to provide distribution system services among other things.

Therefore, our company uses the acquired personal data particularly for the following purposes:

  • Conclusion and performance of contract;
  • Ensuring interconnection and access to the distribution systems;
  • Ensuring operation activities and keeping technical records;
  • Settlement of property and legal relationships related to the operation of the distribution system;
  • Accounting and tax purposes;
  • Identification of abuses of distribution systems or services, e.g. finding, preventing and removing any unauthorized consumption of electricity and preventing losses in the distribution system;
  • Ensuring the financial settlement of contractual relationships, including any collection of receivables;
  • Providing access to localization data and calls to emergency line numbers;
  • Compliance with legal obligations, including crisis management, protection of confidential information or ensuring the operation of critical information infrastructure;
  • Protection of property and persons and safety of significant elements of the distribution system;
  • Keeping customer records;
  • Keeping the records of business partners.

In practice, you will most frequently encounter the following situations in which your personal data is processed: