The personal data, which we process

We process your personal data only to the extent that enables us to provide you with the services that you are interested in and ensure professional service. Respectively only the data necessary for our correct mutual business cooperation. And also to enable us to fulfill our legal obligations and ensure protection of our justified interests. For this reason, we collect and process your data mainly as users of our services, and our business partners, including potential future customers and business partners who are interested in our services or in business cooperation with us, or who we have contacted with our offer. According to the concrete situation, we also process the data of, for instance, the representatives of legal entities, including the members of the statutory bodies and staff. In some cases, the scope of personal data is also directly determined by generally binding legal regulations.

Of the categories of personal data, our company processes primarily identification and address data, possibly also camera records, audiovisual records, etc.

Basic data

In our company we consider basic data in particular to be:

  • the identification data: title, name, surname, date of birth, and if applicable, the identity card number, birth registration number or ID No.;
  • the contact data: permanent or temporary residential address, mailing or other contact address, address of the service point, telephone number, e-mail address.

Additional data

We also process data, which are closely related to the way in which you use our services, or the data that you provide to us during use of our services or that you create otherwise. Alternatively data that exists by virtue of our business cooperation. We consider such data to be particularly:

  • Bank account number, information about the customer’s payment morale, customer number, EAN, business partner number, signature information obtained on the basis of readings taken from measuring devices, operating and localization data, IP address, cookies, data boxes ID and other personal data arising from fulfillment of a concrete contract or relevant legal regulation.

You are negotiating our service

When you negotiate a product or service with us or you are only interested in it, you provide us with basic data or additional data necessary for us to jointly conclude a contract, or for us to be able to assess if we can provide you with the service and if so, which one.

You are using our service

Use of our service includes e.g. the connection to the electricity distribution system. As a controller, in these cases we process the personal data that you have provided to us within the framework preparation and conclusion of a contract for a given service and also the data that we assigned to you for easier processing of your data in the information systems (for instance, the client’s identification number, identification number of the provided device, etc.) as well as the data that we acquired within the scope of fulfillment of the contracted contract (for instance, which we had on record or measured).

You are communicating with us

We also obtain your personal data when you communicate with us. There is no difference in whether you communicate with us electronically, by post, by phone, during a personal visit, or perhaps via a data box. If the personal data obtained in this manner apply to a service provided by us, our company is the controller of the provided data.

If camera recordings are made in our buildings, your personal data, if any, are controlled by CEZ Distribuce or by the CEZ Group member company, which operates these camera systems. When using our websites and applications, your data are processed by the company that is indicated in the given part of the electronic channel (for instance, the foot of the website) as its operator or the service provider.

Are you negotiating with a company other than the ones concerned with your action

We make an effort to ease access to our services as much as possible for you and for this reason, we offer the option to negotiate or operate and manage them as well as communicate about them also via companies other than our company. These cases include for instance the situations when you negotiate a contract on joint electricity supply services. In such case, part of your data, particularly the basic data necessary for your identification and authentication are also processed by the company with which you are negotiating.