Our company keeps your personal data for the period necessary to provide the services, completion of the required transactions or other necessarily purposes, such as fulfillment of our legal duties, contractual obligations, solution of disputes and legal enforcement of negotiated agreements. These needs differ depending on the type of the product or service provided, or other type of agreed contractual relationship, and for this reason, the real period for which we keep the information may vary significantly.

When handling your personal data for specific purposes, we respect the data minimization rules. We thus collect those of your personal data that we really need for a specific purpose. At the same time, we set strict internal archiving rules, which ensure that we do not keep such data for longer than we are authorized.

Almost for all contractual relationships, we must ensure documentation of the calculation and payment of tax, arising from the legal regulations on VAT and the related tax procedure. According to these legal regulations, we are obliged to keep tax documents and records containing detailed data related to the provision of selected services for a period of 10 years after expiry of the tax period in which the performance was realized. Thus, we are generally obliged to keep most of the basic data and information about the services on the basis of these legal regulations.

In exceptional cases, for instance, during litigation, our company may keep the documents containing your personal data for a longer period in order to protect our justified interests. This mainly happens in a case where we would have to present evidence in litigation, administrative or enforcement proceedings (with regard to the statutory limitation period according to the current Civil Code, for instance, in connection with provision of warranty, possibly with respect to the statutory limitation periods of the Criminal Code).