Our processors

We sell and provide our services mainly through own staff, or through selected CEZ Group member companies. However, we also utilize the external network of contractual partners.

Your personal data may be processed if we assign performance of a given activity that is a component of our operations and services to any other party. In some cases, these suppliers or external business representatives simultaneously become processors of personal data. The processor is authorized to handle the data solely for the purposes of performance of an activity that has been delegated to it by our company. In such case, your consent shall not be required for performance of the processing activities because such processing is permitted directly by the legal regulation.

We use the following categories of processors to process your data outside the CEZ Group:

  • Suppliers or service providers, e.g. project designers or energy construction contractors, including related measures
  • Other persons in relation to conclusion, administration and archiving of contracts and related documents
  • Suppliers of camera systems located in the premises of ČEZ Distribuce
  • Persons performing inspections of service points
  • Other third parties that provide or receive services in relation to the performance of contractual or legal obligations of ČEZ Distribuce
  • Providers of selected IT services
  • Archive service providers
  • Entities that collect our receivables (attorneys)
  • Providers of printing and postal services, including couriers
  • Experts/appraisers